PRGoeroes has been working on the rollout of the PR Monitor over the past year.
Objective: gaining insights into the position of the marketing profession in relation to PR.

The monitor, which can be filled out in both Dutch and English, consists of twelve short questions. The answers, and thus the acquired insights, then help companies take action on what they need to do to increase their visibility among the target audience.

From 400 completed surveys, the remarkable result emerges that 34.5% of marketers do not understand the difference between advertisement and free publicity.

Jennifer Delano, owner of PR Goeroes, states:

“I established the monitor after the proliferation of marketing agencies. They keep popping up everywhere. I regularly speak with marketers, sometimes with a somewhat hostile attitude: ‘They also do PR, right?’ They also make remarks like ‘We buy PR’: which is essentially the opposite of the free publicity field.

There are many misconceptions about PR. One of them is that we organize events or handle social media. These are all important tasks within marketing and communication. But they are not the responsibilities of a PR agent.”

About PRGoeroes

The company PRGoeroes was founded by Jennifer Delano. For this she helped freelancers and creatives by taking care of their PR. The PR work of Jennifer Delano stood out and won a JCI Internet Award, was on the Colorful List (also known as the Colorful Quote) and several times in the Viva400 (the list with the most successful women in the Netherlands.) PRGoeroes focuses on SMEs from the Randstad area who often provide services. The agency from Hoofddorp consists of a team of self-employed people who work on a project basis. The work focuses on recognizing news and creating media attention.

About Jennifer Delano

Entrepreneur, born in Bergambacht, with a talent for publicity organizing. Visited the local radio station at the age of six and talked along spontaneously when the microphone was held in front of her. As a teenager she won several writing competitions. When the teacher of Dutch didn’t want to come along to pick up one of the prizes in Gendt, Jennifer called the newspaper and organized half a page for her story about it. After several freelance jobs in the marketing scene, she founded her own consulting firm to help creatives with their promotion. After discovering 999 ways not to succeed, she started her first PR agency, delivering publicity to freelancers. With the name and corporate identity change to DelanoPR in 2012 she focuses on SMEs. Jennifer gives workshops, trainings and talks about PR in the broadest sense of the word. For her clients she develops news and provides publicity.
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With PRGoeroes you choose for quality, innovation and professionalism. We work every day to become better at our jobs. We are the golden link between our clients and the media and we like to use this to make a positive impact. That is why we ensure that our work is of the highest standard.


In addition to enjoying our profession, we also enjoy working together. We have a strong bond as a team, which leads to sparring together, challenging each other and supporting each other to make full use of each other’s expertise. From this strength, we also like to work together with you as a customer, because only together we ensure the very best results.


Just as we believe entrepreneurs can make a difference for a better future, we at PRGoeroes naturally do our bit too. In addition to our ongoing commitment to conscious businesses in our daily work, sustainability also plays a major role within our team. For example, we help out by travelling in a climate-neutral way, buying second-hand office supplies and investing in start-ups that are working on sustainability.