Client nominated for Woman in the Media Award 2022


Dutch entrepreneur Flavia Ramos Costa – the founder of Compasso Social – from Weesp (Amsterdam) has been nominated for the Woman in the Media Award 2022. In conclusion, this makes her the only expert in her field with this nomination in her pocket.

The reason for Ramos Costa’s nomination is her work from business service provider Compasso Social. Furthermore, with Compasso Social, she helps people integrate into the Netherlands in a beautiful and positive way. Above all, organizing the first real integration festival in mid-2022 is also cited as the reason for the nomination. Moreover, PRGoeroes helped with the visibility of this event in the media. Among other things, it resulted in a large interview in Het Parool. However, within hours of publication, the event was sold out.


Integration win-win

Flavia Ramos Costa’s mission is to make integration a win-win situation. However, 96% of her clients who knock on the door of her company Compasso Social are women. Like Ramos Costa, these women have left everything behind and are searching for their place in the Netherlands. Ramos Costa explains: ”These women often fall between the cracks. I bring them to the attention of companies, government and institutions. In addition, I represent the growing group of Brazilians in the Netherlands.”


Woman in the Media Awards

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss that women are underrepresented on radio, television, in newspapers and in digital news. In 2021, the percentage of women speaking as experts was 26.7 percent. Also, with the Women in Media Awards, organizers want to encourage female experts and role models to be visible in the media and encourage editors to give them that platform more often. In addition nominee Flavia Ramos Costa adds: “I am pleasantly surprised that my work in the integration and civic integration sector has been so noticed over the past year.” From the top three nominees from North Holland who draw the most votes by Jan. 14, 2023, the jury will designate a winner. Whatsmore, the awards are organized annually by speakers office¬†ZijSpreekt and expert database Vaker in de Media (VIDM).


Regional to national Woman in the Media nomination

Until Dec. 1, 2022, journalists and the public could nominate names. For this nomination, the jury looked at expert women who were regularly and/or impressively in the picture in 2022. Futhermore, the jury for North Holland included attorney Vivian Acquah, editor-in-chief Corine de Vries, radio journalist NPO Radio 1 Mireille van der Werff. She was successfully nominated, Entrepreneur Flavia Ramos Costa, after which the regional jury for North Holland selected her for the Woman in the Media award 2022.


About Flavia Ramos Costa

Flavia Ramos Costa is the founder of Compasso Social and a social integration and inclusion expert. Originally from Brazil, she helps with integration. organized the first integration festival in 2022. Previously, she was winner of the audience award of the South East Parade. It has just been announced that Flavia Ramos Costa has been nominated for the Woman in the Media award for North Holland province. Furthermore, until January 14, 2023, you can vote for her through this link to get her on the national nomination list.


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